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Krokedil offers a range of products that make it easier for you to run your e-commerce business. Read more about our WooCommerce plugins and integrations below.


ProTeria CloudConnect for WooCommerce is a plugin that makes it possible to book shipments and print shipping labels with ProTeria directly from your WooCommerce store.
Specter for WooCommerce ERP


Specter’s functions for orders, inventory management and accounting are linked to your webshop, which reduces the risk of doing the same amount of work twice and saves time that you can spend on your business.

Budbee for WooCommerce

With Budbee for WooCommerce you can create orders, print shipping labels, update statuses and more directly in your WooCommerce store. Budbee delivers your goods to your clients homes at the time of their choosing.

Instabox for WooCommerce

Instabox for WooCommerce shows Instabox as a Shipping option with delivery date and approximate time of delivery directly in the checkout and you can book shipments with Instabox directly in WooCommerce.

Nets Easy

Nets Easy is an exceptionally quick checkout for consumers. Fast payments with full freedom to select payment method where eturning customers pay with one click. Easy.

Ecster Pay

The e-commerce checkout that aims higher than the individual purchase. The checkout is built to serve more returning customers and higher average order values.

Payer for WooCommerce

A user-friendly and secure checkout for WooCommerce with support for Invoice, Partial payment, Card payment, Swish and Direct bank where the customer identifies with Mobile BankID before the purchase.

Briqpay for WooCommerce

Briqpay for WooCommerce is an embedded checkout for B2B sales where you as a merchant can offer the payment method you prefer, locally or globally, including your own invoice.

Billmate Checkout

An embedded checkout with a flow closer to to the WooCommerce standard checkout when it comes to how and when an order is created, which increases compatibility with other plugins that also extends the functionality in the checkout.

Ingrid Delivery Checkout for WooCommerce

Ingrid Delivery Checkout for WooCommerce is a plugin that enables shipping with Ingrid in your webshop. Ingrid’s delivery checkout keeps track of everything important to make the checkout experience seamless for consumers.

Airmee for WooCommerce

Give your customers the opportunity to get the market's fastest home deliveries, completely adapted to the their wishes. You book the order with Airmee directly from WooCommerce.

Avarda Checkout

Avarda Checkout for WooCommerce offers several different payment methods with one integration and one agreement. Simplicity for merchants and simplicity for consumers.

Zimpler for WooCommerce

Zimpler for WooCommerce enables the use of Zimpler direct bank payments from all major banks, and many of the not as major ones as well, in your WooCommerce store.
featured kodmyran ERP

Kodmyran Commerce for WooCommerce

Kodmyran Commerce for WooCommerce is an add-on for the Kroconnect plugin that enables the synchronisation of information about products, orders and stock balance between WooCommerce and Kodmyran Commerce.

Payson Form

Payson is a payment solution with great flexibility where the customer is redirected to Payson in the payment window and completes the purchase.

Nets D2

Nets is a leading Scandinavian online payment service provider. Nets D2 for WooCommerce is a plugin allowing you to take payments via the Nets D2 FlexWin checkout.

Klarna Shipping Assistant

Shipping is a deciding factor to choose or abandon an online shop. Klarna provides a convenient shipping experience which makes shopping with connected merchants more enjoyable.

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