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Krokedil offers a range of products that make it easier for you to run your e-commerce business. Read more about our WooCommerce plugins and integrations below.


ProTeria CloudConnect is a plugin that makes it possible to book shipments and print shipping labels with ProTeria directly from your WooCommerce store.

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Kom igång med WooCommerce extensions


Specter’s functions for orders, inventory management and accounting are linked to your webshop, which reduces the risk of doing the same amount of work twice and saves time that you can spend on your business.

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Krokedil Wishlist

Krokedil Wishlist enables customers to bookmark their favorite products for later purchase or for sharing lists with colleagues and friends.

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Budbee is a unique logistic partner who delivers your goods to your clients homes at the time of their choosing.

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Payson Checkout

Payson Checkout provides more completed purchases and is all you need to accept payments online. Get started quickly with no entry fee or fixed fees.

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Ecster Pay

The e-commerce checkout that aims higher than the individual purchase. The checkout is built to serve more returning customers and higher average order values.

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With AfterPay for WooCommerce, we help your business grow locally and internationally with features like invoice and part payment.

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Nets D2

Nets is a leading Scandinavian online payment service provider. Nets D2 for WooCommerce is a plugin allowing you to take payments via the Nets D2 FlexWin checkout.

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