In 2010, Niklas Högefjord founded Krokedil. For a long time WordPress and WooCommerce have been a central part of our toolbox, much thanks to the great community and the open way of developing the web. Over the years, Krokedil have done a lot of different things within the web and e-commerce area. We have built everything from simple web sites to online stores and payment solutions for larger companies like Klarna and DIBS.

Today we are five employees who every day work towards the goal of making it easy for you to take payments online and improve your company’s digital presence.

In the deep forests of Värmland we combine many cups of coffee and ping-pong games with programming and web development. We help companies succeed and benefit from the digitalization of our society. To let your company follow the digital development is something we believe is the key to success – and we want to help you make this process easier.

So, are you passing Arvika at any time? Stop by at our office, have a cup of coffee (and possibly a ping-pong game) and let’s talk online payments and digital presence.

Meet the krokedil'ers – we won't bite!


Niklas Högefjord

CEO and developer
The actor, Krister Henriksson "Wallander", owe Niklas 100 SEK (that he borrowed for lunch).

Karin Högefjord

Administration and Finance Manager
Karin has lived 3 years in Tanzania and reads books very fast.

Andreas Larsson

Andreas runs a record label alongside of his work and has two (giant) dogs.

Michael Bengtsson

Michael can be understood in Latin and is an educated teacher in history.