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Good shipping agreements are no longer reserved for the big ones

ProTeria CloudConnect is a plugin that makes it possible to book shipments and print shipping labels with ProTeria directly from your WooCommerce store.

  • Connect a shipping method in WooCommerce to one of ProTeria’s shipment services.

  • Create shipment orders in ProTeria, view and print shipping labels and return labels directly from WooCommerce.

  • Customers can select pickup point themselves, provided that the shipping method has this service.

Applies only to customers in Norway.

ProTeria CloudConnect for WooCommerce

A great opportunity for WooCommerce store owners

Through a unique collaboration between Krokedil, Maksimer and ProTeria, you get access to very favorable shipping agreements from Bring and PostNord. No matter how many or few packages you send, you get the same favorable shipping prices.

Good shipping agreements are no longer reserved for the big ones

  • 22% discount on Bring Service Packages and Business Packages.
  • Favorable net prices on PostNord packages:
    • Equivalent to 45% discount on PostNord Mypack Collect (on average, based on 3 zones and 11 kg).
    • All of Norway one zone. No surcharge for long distances.
    • Free pick-up agreement (depending on location and volume).

In addition, you get a free EDI shipping solution from ProTeria integrated with WooCommerce.

With this setup you avoid duplication of work by registering shipments, and tracking information goes back to the online store.

There are no extra costs for you, just benefits and money saved.

Applies only to customers in Norway with a WooCommerce online store.

ProTeria Shipping Web gives you:

  • Inexpensive shipping
  • Free shipping solution
  • Unlimited number of packages
  • Free number of users
  • Free integration with WooCommerce
  • Free support


Technical info
  • Tweak – Clearer description of pickup point vs parcel box setting.
  • Feature – Add support for displaying parcel box if supported by carrier.
  • Feature – Add setting and logic to change Woo order status when Booking OK webhook is received from Proteria.
  • Tweak – Use shipping address for pickup location requests.
  • Tweak – Minor Norwegian translation update.
  • Fix – Resolved an issue where the tracking number and URL were not displaying in the metabox, even when the tracking data was available.

Tested with:

Requires at least:

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In our documentation for ProTeria you will find answers on how to configure and get started with the plugin. There you will also find info how to adjust the plugin and how you can troubleshoot.

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ProTeria CloudConnect for WooCommerce
Good shipping agreements are no longer reserved for the big ones.