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Kroconnect - a central hub for your integrations.

The Specter for WooCommerce plugin is being deprecated and has been replaced by Kroconnect – a central hub for your integrations.

  • Synchronize orderdata from WooCommerce to Specter

  • Synchronize orderstatus from Specter to WooCommerce

  • Synchronize stock from Specter to WooCommerce

  • Synchronize product data from Specter to WooCommerce

The Specter for WooCommerce plugin will not be maintained from 2023.
We will no longer offer support for the plugin as of January 1, 2023.

Automated workflows for e-commerce

Send data, trigger workflows and automate tasks. With Kroconnect, you make your e-commerce simpler and more efficient through a central hub for your integrations.

Connect your e-commerce to Specter business systems with Kroconnect

Manage your e-commerce with the rest of your business with a Specter integration for WooCommerce. With your webshop linked to Specter via Kroconnect, it will be easier to sell online. You can manage your e-commerce in the same system as your physical stores, field salesmen and other sales channels do.

Specter’s functions for orders, inventory management and accounting are linked to your webshop, which reduces the risk of doing the same amount of work twice and saves time that you can spend on your business. Use your WooCommerce store with Specter’s web-based business systems and get the most out of both systems.

What functions are included in Kroconnect?

WooCommerce to Specter

Synchronize order data
When a customer makes a purchase in your WooCommerce store, the information is sent to Specter where a new order is created.

Specter to WooCommerce

Synchronize order status
When an order is delivered in Specter, this information is sent to WooCommerce and the order then receives the status Completed.

This synchronization also applies to orders that are canceled via Specter, which are then also canceled in WooCommerce.

Synchronize stock
You control your stock balance via Specter. Changes made there are sent to WooCommerce where the stock balance is also updated. You eliminate the need to update several systems and avoid having the number of products you have in stock differ between systems.

Synchronize product data
Every time you update an existing product in Specter and this also exist in your WooCommerce store, information such as name, price, weight and VAT class is sent to WooCommerce.

Specter integration for WooCommerce

The Specter for WooCommerce plugin with be discontinued in 2022. We will no longer develop or maintain it as of 2023.

Instead of further development of the plugin we will replace it with the new service Kroconnect. Taking the connection to the next step.

If you are interested in this you are welcome to get in touch with us through the form.

You can also visit the Kroconnect website to read more (in Swedish).

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Specter for WooCommerce
Kroconnect – a central hub for your integrations.