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We build the connection between your system and WooCommerce.

Do you want to reach more customers without it becoming too resource-intensive?
We can build the connection between your system and WooCommerce – the world’s most popular open source e-commerce solution today.

Krokedil’s main focus is to develop WooCommerce plugins for payment, shipping and connections to and from business systems. Among the companies we have built plugins for and/or are partners with are Klarna, Nets, Instabox, Payson, nShift, Budbee, Qliro, ProTeria, Specter, Avarda, Walley, Briqpay, Qvickly, Dintero, Ingrid, Airmee, TrueLayer and Wasa Kredit.

On this page, we will give you an idea of how we work together with our partners and how we set our prices. We’ll also briefly go through the basics of WooCommerce and open source.

How we work together

We at Krokedil always have a close and ongoing contact with our partners regarding further development and management of the solutions we have built, all to ensure a high quality of our products.

1. We have a finished product

2. You contact us at Krokedil

3. Together we set the basics for what your plugin should contain

4. We sign agreements on what to further include

Management, documentation, support

5. We have a finished product

There are a few different approaches to what a collaboration can look like and we determine, and adapt, the level together with you. We offer, among other things, documentation, management and support. These are usually taken as a package solution as the various services go hand in hand where documentation, support and ongoing maintenance come as a natural part after a plugin has been developed. But it is also possible to choose different combinations of our services to have a collaboration around.

Do you already have a plugin?

It is not always the case that we at Krokedil will produce a plugin from scratch. Sometimes you have already developed a plugin for your services and WooCommerce but for various reasons do not have the opportunity to take it further yourself. An example is when you have developed your own plugin where you then want us to take over responsibility for user support, or where you have a plugin where you also want us to take over further development and maintenance for you.

We can be your partner even in these cases and you are welcome to contact us to discuss what such a collaboration can look like and from that we develop a plan.

The most common, however, is that you have a product or service but lack a plugin for WooCommerce and therefore hire us at Krokedil to develop this. This is also the scenario we use in the next section where we look into the costs.

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Vad ska ert plugin innehålla?
Avtal om innehåll
Färdig produkt till WooCommerce

The cost

The total cost of a plugin depends on the extent of the plugin’s development and whether you choose to add management, user support and/or documentation.


Efter att ett plugin är utvecklat och släppt för marknaden uppstår ytterligare behov över tid. WordPress och WooCommerce är levande plattformar och utvecklas ständigt och det behöver era plugin och tillhörande tjänster också göra.

Krokedil erbjuder tre typer av tjänster när det kommer till fortlöpande arbete och det är helt upp till er vilka av dessa ni väljer att anlita oss för och vilka ni själva har kapacitet att hantera.

Utveckling av WooCommerce-plugin

Plugin development

Initially, we agree on a price for the development of a plugin, which is affected by the scope of what the plugin should contain. Different payment methods, different shipping methods based on weight or distance, order handling and whether there should be a connection to a business system are some examples of functions that affect the extent of the work and the price tag.

The price level for a project starts from 100.000 – 150.000 SEK.

After a plugin is developed and released to the market, additional needs arise over time. WordPress and WooCommerce are living platforms and are constantly evolving and your plugins and related services need to as well.

Krokedil offers three types of services when it comes to continuous work and it is entirely up to you which of these you choose to hire us for and which you yourself have the capacity to handle.



Basic documentation such as how the plugin is installed and configured is included in the development of the plugin. As the plugin, WordPress and WooCommerce develop, the need to expand the documentation also arises. In cases where we see recurring issues in the support and input from the community, this is often also a reasaon to further add to the documentation.



Further development, maintenance and updates of the plugin we have developed.


Support for your users

Interaction with other plugins, own requests for functions, knowledge gaps, errors and bugs … there are many different reasons why questions and support issues arise.


When it comes to the services that are relevant after a plugin has been launched and the cost of these, Krokedil offers three different options regarding financing:


Krokedil gets a kickback on your income linked to the plugin we have developed, which in turn covers the running costs we have.


Krokedil owns and sells the plugin and the revenue covers our costs.

Maintenance and Support agreement

These two agreements can be combined or signed separately. These are either invoiced on an ongoing basis, or a fixed monthly cost based on a set number of available hours.

Your are welcome to get in touch with us

Fill in the form with your information and a description of the service you, or we, have that you are interested in having a discussion about.

By using the contact form you provide us with personal information. If you are interested in learning more about how we handle privacy data, read more here.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that makes it possible to have an e-commerce store on your website. In the basic version of WooCommerce you have a good base for your store with several ways to handle payments, orders and shipping. But as with most ready-made solutions, not everything is suitable for everyone and the need for additional functions is often there – therefore there is a plethora of plugins and add-ons to install to cover as many needs as possible.

We often talk about plugins for WooCommerce, which is not really completely correct as the plugin, just like WooCommerce itself, is for WordPress. But since these plugins are specifically made for e-commerce and therefore must be used together with a WordPress installation that also has WooCommerce installed, the concept has become that it is a plugin for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce and WordPress are the world’s most widely used platforms for e-commerce and web publishing. They are free to install and use and go under the GPLv2 license (GNU General Public License version 2) or later.

Vad är WooCommerce?

What is open source?

Open source is a term used to describe when the source code of a computer program is available for everyone to see and study. WordPress and WooCommerce are open source, which means that anyone can use, view, study, modify and distribute the source code.

Having open source development not only allows others to study the code but also improve it through testing, troubleshooting and contributing fixes. In this way, any errors and problems are often found and fixed very quickly.

This means that the code in a plugin is public and anyone can see something we have developed and build on for their own project. In the open source community this is a strength, as it means that no one needs to reinvent the wheel but just improve and adapt to best meet their own needs.

Vad är öppen källkod?