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Activate B2B in Klarna Checkout

Activate B2B in Klarna Checkout

13 February, 2017

You need the latest version of the plugin(2.2.6) Woocommerce -> Settings -> Checkout -> Klarna Checkout -> Allowed Customer Types to B2C & B2B or B2B & B2C depending on which checkout you want to show first. You need to have KCO B2B activated on your account, to apply visit… Read more

An introduction to WooCommerce Extensions

An Introduction to WooCommerce Extensions

3 October, 2016

By installing different so-called extensions, you can expand the functionality of your online store. Here you get ideas and tips on a few extensions to help you get started if you haven’t worked with it before. Read more

Post-Sale Emails Campaigns for Your eCommerce Store

# 5 Post-Sale Email Campaigns for Your eCommerce Store

19 September, 2016

With your customers’ email addresses, you have access to a very powerful marketing channel. Read more about post-sale e-mail campaigns. Read more