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Airmee is an innovative tech company and a leading player in home deliveries and the last mile. With Airmee, consumers get their goods delivered exactly when they want. The delivery can be tracked in real time on the mobile, and it is always possible to change the time, chat with support and adapt the delivery for the consumer. Airmee offers the market’s fastest deliveries in a number of cities and covers a large majority of Swedish households.

Airmee has a wide range and delivers everything from small packages to large goods up to 200 kg and food: 7 days a week. Collection of goods takes place 7 days a week throughout Sweden. Deliveries take place at 17-22. In Stockholm, other time slots are also offered during the day.
The company launched its services in 2018 and today delivers for several of the largest online merchants in Sweden.

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The highest rated delivery service in Sweden.

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Airmee for WooCommerce

Give your customers the opportunity to get the market's fastest home deliveries, completely adapted to the their wishes. You book the order with Airmee directly…

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