Wasa Kredit

Wasa Kredit Checkout for WooCommerce
Wasa Kredit

A Krokedil partner

Wasa Kredit is a more personal finance company. They enjoy working close to their customers and partners. Creating secure opportunities for every customer and every business is their genuine interest.

Wasa Kredit is constantly trying to see opportunities with new solutions or new technology that can create customer value and promote their business goals. They believe that development happens when curiosity is combined with experience and courage to try. They do this best together with their users. Some of Wasa Kredit’s most innovative solutions have been developed together with partners. Therefore, one of their biggest driving forces is to balance quick and easy solutions with deep industry knowledge and long-term perspective.

Security is part of the business concept
That the banking and finance industry operates in a strongly regulated market are self-explanatory. Laws and regulations are part of a safe business and customer experience. All customers must have confidence in Wasa Kredit.

The success factors that built Wasa Kredit
For many years, they have worked according to the motto quick, easy, personal and place great value on customers and partners perceiving them as such. Their success factors are included in every employee’s everyday life, to develop a new collaboration agreement, help a customer or develop a new system.

Wasa Kredit offers companies financing through leasing and installments in e-commerce as well as through partners in vehicle trade, computer/office trade and machine trade, or directly to corporate customers.

Visit the Wasa Kredit website

You have added value to your customers with advantageous online financing.

Our plugins for Produkt:

Wasa Kredit Checkout for WooCommerce

Wasa Kredit Checkout for WooCommerce

Wasa Kredit Checkout is an embedded checkout solution that includes the payment methods leasing and rent for B2B, with a fully automated process.


Ingrid Delivery Checkout for WooCommerce

A Krokedil partner

Solves the delivery challenge

Ever shopped online? Happy with the shipping experience? Thought so. Ingrid solves the last remaining challenge in e-commerce – a fantastic delivery experience!

The old way of working with one or two large carriers has been very good for your business – until now… New regional carrier services with focus on last-mile deliveries are raising the standards of your consumers. You might ask yourself how to best keep up? With Ingrid the strategy is clear, with focus on giving the consumer the best option at all times.

Ingrid has all the tools you need (in one platform) to delight your customers and keep your promises. Turn the headache of deliveries into joy of shopping.

Visit the Ingrid website

Removing the gap between consumer preferences and proposed shipping options.

Our plugins for Produkt:

Ingrid Delivery Checkout for WooCommerce

Ingrid Delivery Checkout for WooCommerce

Ingrid Delivery Checkout for WooCommerce is a plugin that enables shipping with Ingrid in your webshop. Ingrid’s delivery checkout keeps track of everything important to…


Briqpay for WooCommerce

A Krokedil partner

Briqpay focus on enhancing the user experience in B2B sales.

Briqpay is a fintech company founded in 2020 by Björn Widerström, Sara Johansson and Mats Andersson. They have a long experience from previously working in the industry for Bambora and Klarna.

Briqpay’s goal is for business customers to be able to shop in the same way as it looks in consumer retail (B2C), while Briqpay provides great flexibility for their customers to adapt the customer journey to their needs. 

Briqpay wants to make it easy for companies to create long-term relationships with their customers, both before and after the transaction. Whether companies sell to the public sector, small companies or larger companies, Briqpay’s products are developed to offer an optimized customer journey.

Briqpay’s products make it easy to take B2B sales to a whole new level on thebusinesses own terms and all products are adapted for global sales.

Visit the Briqpay website

With Briqpay, you are always in control of risk exposure.

Our plugins for Produkt:


Briqpay for WooCommerce

Briqpay for WooCommerce is an embedded checkout for B2B sales where you as a merchant can offer the payment method you prefer, locally or globally,…


A Krokedil partner

Avarda are specialists in online payments and stores in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Through a strong owner in TF Bank, they have experience of creating optimal payment solutions for merchants since the 80s. The solution is not “one size fits all” – but they want to adapt the solution together with the retailer to create more value.

The goal is to create a payment solution for e-retailers who want to build and strengthen their own brand throughout the purchase, from checkout to payment.

The company was founded in 2015 and is growing rapidly. Flows are handled annually with over 2,500,000 active customers. Avarda is owned by TF Bank, which is listed on Nasdaq OMX. TF Bank has extensive experience of payment solutions and stable IT systems, for both online and physical trading. Avarda’s model is based on putting the retailer’s brand in focus throughout the entire shopping experience to create security and customer loyalty.

Visit the Avarda website

Simplicity for merchant. Simplicity for consumer.

Our plugins for Produkt:

Avarda Checkout for WooCommerce

Avarda Checkout

Avarda Checkout for WooCommerce offers several different payment methods with one integration and one agreement. Simplicity for merchants and simplicity for consumers.


A Krokedil partner

Billmate offers you everything you need to get paid online. Of course, their payment solutions are safe and secure for your customers and they offer payment methods such as invoice, Swish, card payment, direct payment via bank and partial payment. They know that each web shop is unique and therefore have flexible payment solutions to suit your e-commerce and your customers.

Billmate was born in 2012, to meet the Nordic market’s demand for flexible, secure and comprehensive payment solutions. Their vision is to offer flexible and customer-friendly payment solutions for all types of trading.

They also strive to have the industry’s best customer service, which means a great commitment as well as constant proactivity and availability on their part. No customer is too small or too big for them and their basic attitude is to offer the right solution for each customer’s needs.

Visit the Billmate website

Choose an embedded checkout and add order management if you have the need for it.

Our plugins for Produkt:

Billmate checkout

Billmate Checkout

An embedded checkout with a flow closer to to the WooCommerce standard checkout when it comes to how and when an order is created, which…
Billmate order management

Billmate Order Management

Boost your Billmate Checkout with Billmate Order Management and save time by handling your orders directly in WooCommerce.


A Krokedil partner

Unifaun has over 20 years of experience in providing innovative and value-creating Transport Management systems.

Unifaun connects an extensive ecosystem of carriers, senders, receivers and system partners to each other and to their end customers, simply and directly, through its platform. Unifaun’s platform offers solutions for handling transport, delivery, carrier and receiver in a connected, data-driven, reliable and adaptive way.

Unifaun handles over 300 million packages and processes 5 billion transactions per year. Unifaun currently employs over 230 people involved in transport and delivery in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Visit the Unifaun website

Our plugin Krokedil Shipping Connector connects Unifaun with plugins for shipping to enable easy administration direct in your WooCommerce store.

Our plugins for Produkt:


Krokedil Shipping Connector

Make it possible to use Klarna’s new service Klarna Shipping Assistant directly in Klarna Checkout and book deliveries with Unifaun directly from WooCommerce.


A Krokedil partner

Do you like standing in line? Then Instabox isn’t for you. With Instabox you don’t have to wait in line for even a second at the post office. You have better things to do anyway.

Instabox is a tech-enabled delivery service that offers same-day shipping to their ever-growing range of smart lockers. Consumers can easily pick up their parcels whenever it suits them. 7 days a week, without ever having to stand in line.

Instabox technology enables the possibility to present an ETA in the checkout e.g “This Instabox ~Today 16:10”

Instabox fast, flexible and bio-fueled deliveries increase both conversion and customer loyalty. Fully integrated with WooCommerce, so you can come onboard in a heartbeat.

Instabox started in 2015 more than half of the Swedish population can pick up their parcels in their smart lockers.

Instabox – Uncomplicated shipping.

Visit the Instabox website

Uncomplicated shipping – uncomplicated handling

Our plugins for Produkt:


Instabox for WooCommerce

Instabox for WooCommerce shows Instabox as a Shipping option with delivery date and approximate time of delivery directly in the checkout and you can book…


A Krokedil partner

ProTeria is a provider of software for customs and transportation.

ProTeria AS was started in 1994. Their solutions have been gradually developed and improved since then. Today, the software is based on modern tools and is adapted to today’s Windows and web standards.

They develop their programs in close collaboration with customers and other partners. This makes the programs user-friendly and easy to use.

ProTeria has offices in Oslo and Revetal in Norway and in Munich, Germany. In addition, they have activities in Sweden and Denmark.

Visit the ProTeria website

Good shipping agreements are no longer reserved for the big ones.

Our plugins for Produkt:

ProTeria CloudConnect for WooCommerce


ProTeria CloudConnect for WooCommerce is a plugin that makes it possible to book shipments and print shipping labels with ProTeria directly from your WooCommerce store.


A Krokedil partner

Budbee is a unique logistic partner who delivers your goods to your clients homes at the time of their choosing. As a Budbee user you always have updated information about your deliveries and have the option to adjust the delivery all through the process.

Budbee is a technology company that has created a cutting-edge logistics service for e-commerce. They call the combination of technological innovation applied to solve for logistical challenges – logtech.

Since 2016, they’ve revolutionized home delivery by enabling our customers to decide how and when they get their deliveries. They provide innovative, flexible delivery services to more than 25 million people in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Budbee is a dynamic, fast-growing business, committed to creating the best online shopping delivery service on the market!

Visit the Budbee website

Offering your clients a cool delivery experience does not only give you loyal customers but also increases the order value and frequence of purchases.

Our plugins for Produkt:

Budbee for WooCommerce

Budbee for WooCommerce

With Budbee for WooCommerce you can create orders, print shipping labels, update statuses and more directly in your WooCommerce store. Budbee delivers your goods to…


Payer for WooCommerce and Payer B2B for WooCommerce are two plugins that generates more business. The shopping experience is designed to suit all business situations, create happy clients and increased sales.

More completed purchases

Payer differs from other payment providers since their services support more diverse business situations. Among other things, Payer manages B2B purchases that are often rejected by other players. Payer’s solutions are fully automated yet adaptable and affordable. Basically, Payer provides all regular payment methods such as Swish, Invoice, Part Payment, Card Payment and Direct Bank payment via a simple and high converting plugin. In addition, there is plenty of support for various business situations where standard solutions are not enough.


B2B invoicing without the risk that your customers will be prevented from paying by invoice.

Invoice service

Invoice service where we handle all invoice handling without any percentage fees for you.


Subscriptions and recurring payments via WooCommerce Subscriptions.

À la carte

Select parts of our service package such as a certain payment solution, credit control, Bank ID checks or other.
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Technical information

Payer for WooCommerce

Plugin version
Requires WordPress version


Requires WooCommerce version


Payer B2B for WooCommerce

Plugin version
Requires WordPress version


Requires WooCommerce version


Read more about Payers services at payer.eu.


A Krokedil partner

Collector Bank was founded 1999. During the first years, Collector Bank was only active in handling non-performing loans. From 2003, Collector Bank chose a new focus and developed into a credit market company that offers its own products to customers.

The first step was factoring services for companies, then invoice and partial payment for consumer purchases, then with mail order trading as a distributor. Later, e-commerce has been the main target group, but retail chains are also represented. For private individuals loans without collateral and savings accounts were added.

Product development has been gradually adapted to customer needs and market demand. In 2010, Collector Bank introduced credit cards to its offering. Corporate loans to factoring customers were added to the factoring services. In 2013, real estate loans were introduced in the form of junior loans for professional real estate players, and today the offer largely also includes senior loans.

In May 2015, Collector Bank received permission to conduct banking operations and in June 2015, the parent company Collector AB conducted an IPO on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Visit the Collector Bank website

Devloped with a focus on the customer experience with all the main ways of payment gathered in one solution.

Our plugins for Produkt:


Collector Checkout

Developed with a focus on the customer experience, allowing you to take payments via Collector Banks payment method Collector Checkout.


A Krokedil partner

Payson started in 2004 in order to help private individuals and companies that wanted to receive payments or transfer money in an easy and secure way. Today, Payson is one of Sweden’s leading companies in their field with more several million users and thousands of merchants. Payson has been a part of Svea Ekonomi since 2012.

Payson wants to help companies grow with them. Their payment solution works great for the start-up company as well as the well-established online player. Consumers who shop online at an e-store that uses Payson Checkout can choose the payment method that suits them best, regardless of whether they want to pay directly, later or a little at a time.

Visit the Payson website

Payson provides more completed purchases and is all you need to accept payments online. 

Our plugins for Produkt:

Payson Checkout for WooCommerce

Payson Checkout

Payson Checkout provides more completed purchases and is all you need to accept payments online. Get started quickly with no entry fee or fixed fees.
Payson Form for WooCommerce

Payson Form

Payson is a payment solution with great flexibility where the customer is redirected to Payson in the payment window and completes the purchase.