From time to time we receive questions about why no order email is being sent out.
This is generally not a bug or error in our plugins since they are not sending out any emails as we rely on WooCommerce functionality for this.

WooCommerce, and most plugins sending email, send mail by using the wp_mail() function that is a core function of WordPress. In most cases, if email is not being sent/received, then the issue is not with our plugin or WooCommerce itself, but with the core email function on your web host.

This is a fairly easy issue to troubleshoot yourself initially and a good resource to start with is the WooCommerce – Email FAQ.

We have selected to highlight a few of the issues mentioned in the article above that can help you find a solution, so please read on.

Troubleshooting order emails

Check if orders are pending

If your new orders have the status Pending, no email would have been sent yet (as per the WooCommerce standard settings). Pending orders are orders where the customer selected Place Order but abandoned the payment page or the payment was declined by the payment service provider.

Check your Email Settings

Orders that are properly updated to Processing should generate an email.

A possible issue is mistakenly disabling emails from sending. Double-check that “Enable this email notification” is ticked for Processing order at WooCommerce > Settings > Emails. An additional test should be setting the Email Type to plain text.

Check if emails are sent, but not received

If emails are enabled and orders are updating to Processing, there could be an issue in the email delivery to a recipient. This could be a spam blocker that classified your emails as spam and stopped them. Installing a plugin that logs outgoing mail, like WP Mail Logging, can help.

Install WP Mail Logging and make a test order to make sure that WooCommerce/WordPress is actually creating an email in your WordPress installation.

No email is created

If the email is not created and visible in the WP Mail Logging plugin you, the merchant, have to get in touch with your developer/hosting company regarding this.

An email is created

If the email is created in the WP Mail Logging plugin, but still no email is being sent out, there is probably an authentication problem with the store owners email address that is used in the WordPress/WooCommerce settings for emails. Make sure you are using an email with your own domain, using something like Gmail or Yahoo can cause that the declared sender and the actual sender doesn’t match.

The receiving server then considers your email as spam so they don’t let it go through to the customers mailbox. In the best case they receive it in their mailbox spam folder. A good way to check the validation and get good suggestions on how to validate your email better is to use:

Another way to make sure emails are being delivered as they should is to try and use an external SMTP service such as Sendgrid, Mailgun or a similar service.

If you have gone through the steps above, and checked the more extensive documentation on the external links, and still have an issue that you think might be caused by our plugin you are of course welcome to contact our support team.

Good luck!