Summer and news at Krokedil

Summer is here and with it come vacations. The holiday period at Krokedil is between June 21 and August 13 and during this time we will be a somewhat smaller group of people working. The support is staffed all summer, but the response time may be slightly longer than usual and we apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Take care, have a wonderful summer and read on to get a sneak peek on what’s coming.


You who use our products and visit our site may have come across the name Kroconnect before? Kroconnect is a plugin that integrates your WooCommerce store with external data sources and so far it has been limited to individual add-ons, such as Kodmyran Commerce för WooCommerce.

We are now developing Kroconnect to become a SaaS product that will simplify synchronization between ERP systems, cash register systems and e-commerce stores.

Through Kroconnect, you as an e-commerce merchant can set up connections between your different systems and decide how different data should be sent between them. If you want to send products from Specter to WooCommerce, for example, or orders from WooCommerce to Fortnox, it can be solved completely through our service without any code on your page.

You as a merchant will also have the opportunity to adapt the data sent between the different systems. If you want to send other, or additional, fields than what is standard from one system to another, this can be done through a separate mapping of the data for the different systems that you want to integrate between.

One system can also send the same data to several different systems. For example, if you have a Specter integration but several WooCommerce stores, you can ensure that the stock balance of products is synced between all these stores automatically with Kroconnect.

Keep an eye out during the year for more information about Kroconnect and other products we have in progress.

Featured WooCommerce plugins


Partial Delivery for WooCommerce

Partial Delivery for WooCommerce enables merchants to ship parts of an order. Via a logical interface you are able to send one or several items in each delivery.

Post Purchase Upsell for WooCommerce

Increase the order value and get higher revenue. With Post Purchase Upsell, the customer can add additional products to their order after a completed purchase. They easily choose which of the selectable products they want to add and update their order with one click.

Krokedil Shipping Connector

Book deliveries with nShift directly from WooCommerce with Krokedil Shipping Connector when you let your customers choose how and where the delivery is made with nShift Checkout or Klarna Shipping Assistant.