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Krokedil Shipping Connector

Handle all booking of turn and return shipping at nShift directly in WooCommerce.

Book deliveries with nShift directly from WooCommerce with Krokedil Shipping Connector when you let your customers choose how and where the delivery is made with nShift Checkout or Klarna Shipping Assistant.

Krokedil Shipping Connector

Improve the experience for both you and your customers

Let your customers choose the delivery method and pickup point directly in the checkout with nShift Checkout or Klarna Shipping Assistant.

With Krokedil Shipping Connector you can then book the delivery with nShift directly from WooCommerce. You can choose to book turn shipping or both turn and return. Set up the plugin to automatically create return shipping at the same time as you book the shipping to the customer. Or you can do it manually when needed.

You can also print shipping labels, both turn and return, as well as customs documents directly in WooCommerce.

nShift Checkout

nShift Checkout is a delivery selector that makes it easy for your customers to choose how they want their order delivered. By being able to enter their postcode and search for the delivery method that suits them best.

nShift Checkout replaces the standard shipping available in WooCommerce. Instead, you configure which shipping options to display via the logic engine offered by nShift.

Unlike Klarna Shipping Assistant, nShift Checkout is not linked to any specific payment provider. Because nShift Checkout is separated from the payment window. Instead, you can use nShift Checkout with any payment method. Including Klarna Checkout.

Compatibility with other products and services

Krokedil Shipping Connector works well together with other plugins that also simplify the shipping handling in your WooCommerce store.

Technical info
  • Feature – Adds logic to configure addons via printing favorite mapper.
  • Feature – Make it possible to add multiple Custom placement hook (comma separated in settings).
  • Tweak – Only send quickId for agent/pickup location. Full name and address not needed anymore for international deliveries.
  • Fix – Fix so return shipment data is saved correctly in Woo order.
  • Fix – Add pickup location (agent) name address, zipcode, city and country to create shipment and create stored shipment request.
  • Fix – Fix structure for shipment options in creating of stored shipment request. Fixes issue with pre-notification message.
  • Feature – Adds support for creating stored shipment without prepare_id.
  • Feature – Adds support for connecting a standard WooCommerce shipping method to a nShift service. No pickup point selector logic available for this yet.
  • Feature – Add coupons in get delivery checkout requests.
  • Feature – Adds setting for SMS & Email notifications.
  • Tweak – SMS notification will now also be sent even if shipment does not contain a pickup point.
  • Tweak – Remove creating of prepared shipments for nShift checkout shipping widget orders. Not needed anymore.
  • Tweak – Adds advanced shipment settings in order page (Delivery date, Delivery instruction & Prenotification message) also for Stored shipment.
  • Tweak – Enable bulk booking of orders also for order that doesn't have a prepared id.
  • Tweak – Adds support for sending shipping instance id from order in customs declaration logic (can be useful when creating shipment from admin).
  • Tweak – Delete _kco_kss_reference & _collector_delivery_module_reference (prepared shipment id) when removing a created shipment.
  • Tweak – Send prenotification message (ENOT) even if no message exist. It is enough that the Prenotification setting is activated.
  • Fix – Fix in logic for fetching shipping methods from order page. Use cartprice and weight from order.

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In our documentation for Krokedil Shipping Connector you will find answers on how to configure and get started with the plugin. There you will also find info how to adjust the plugin and how you can troubleshoot.

Contact Support

If you need help or have questions regarding Krokedil Shipping Connector, please click the support button at the bottom left corner or read our documentation.
Print shipping labels
Collect at pickup point
Delivery to box
Home delivery
Print shipping labels
Collect at pickup point
Delivery to box
Home delivery

Buy Krokedil Shipping Connector

75 €
Price excl. VAT
300 €
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You install and configure the connection yourself. Each license is valid for the use in 1 webshop.

Krokedil Shipping Connector
Krokedil Shipping Connector

How to get started


nShift Checkout

Activate Checkout in your nShift account.


Krokedil Shipping Connector

Buy and install the plugin in your WooCommerce store.



Configure the display of nShift Checkout in Krokedil Shipping Connector with the help of our documentation or activate Klarna Shipping Assistant* in your merchant portal at Klarna and install the free plugin Klarna Shipping Assistant for WooCommerce.

*Klarna Shipping Assistant for WooCommerce is an add-on plugin to Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce. This add-on plugin makes it possible to display shipping options in the KCO iframe. The use of this plugin is optional for those who already use Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce.

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Krokedil Shipping Connector
Handle all booking of turn and return shipping at nShift directly in WooCommerce.