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Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce

A smoooth checkout experience

Klarna Checkout is an embedded checkout solution and includes all popular payment methods (Pay Now, Pay Later, Financing, Installments). With Checkout for WooCommerce, Klarna is your single payment provider.

  • Unlock your customer’s purchasing power. Offer more payment options so they can decide when and how to pay.

  • Offer your customers recurring payments together with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

  • Quick payments with full freedom to select payment method. Returning customers pay with one click.


A smoooth checkout experience.

Klarna Checkout is a full checkout experience embedded on your site. It lets your customers check out on your site with only their email and ZIP and pay with the major payment methods, including the specific Klarna payment methods. All available in one integration.

A better checkout experience can increase your average order value and boost both conversion and customer loyalty rates. This simple and dynamic solution identifies more customers and offer the most popular payment methods on the market, on any device, for both private and business customers. 

With a single integration, one contract, and Klarna assuming the full risk for every transaction it’s as smoooth for you as it is for your customers.

This plugin can be complemented with Klarna Order ManagementKlarna On-Site MessagingKlarna Shipping Assistant and Krokedil Shipping Connector for an even smooother experience.

Increase sales

Unlock your customer’s purchasing power. Offer more payment options so they can decide when and how to pay.

Support for subscriptions

Offer your customers recurring payments together with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

Easy checkout

Quick payments with full freedom to select payment method. Returning customers pay with one click.


Technical info
  • Fix – Fixed an issue caused by passing an empty array to Klarnas billing or shipping address when creating a order.
  • Feature – Pay for order purchases are now redirected to Klarna's hosted payment page. This will now also happen when changing payment method.
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where a fatal error would occur when logging due to a third-party plugin "RankMath".
  • Tweak – Delay saving the Klarna order id until we're on the confirmation page.
  • Tweak – Removed 'wc-cart' JavaScript dependency as it is no longer needed.
  • Feature – Added subscription support for Denmark and the Netherlands.
  • Tweak – Explicitly set the size of the branding icon to prevent it from growing out of proportion on certain themes.
  • Tweak – If a business customer has saved their company details to WooCommerce, it will be used for prefilling the payment form.
  • Tweak – Related to Klarna Shipping Assistant, the purchase currency is saved as a transient to add compatibility with currency switchers.
  • Fix – Fixed pass by reference warning.
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where the shipping tax would sometimes not be accounted for.
  • Fix – Fixed an issue with recurring subscriptions and negative fee that occurs when renewing the subscription.

Tested with:

Requires at least:


What’s the difference between Klarna Checkout and Klarna Payments?

Klarna Checkout is a complete checkout experience from Klarna. It’s an iframe based checkout that to a large extent replaces WooCommerce own checkout. The customer identifies with personal number and ZIP and then decides how they want to pay, either with credit- or debit card, invoice, direct payment or installment. The big news with the new plugin is that it supports Klarnas global checkout feature.

  • The new KCO plugin has support for Klarnas global checkout. This means that customers from over 160 countries can use the checkout (fallback to card payments).
  • The new plugin doesn’t require a separate checkout page and no unique shortcode. Instead it follows the WooCommerce standard checkout flow as much as possible.
  • Better compatibility with other plugins that extends the functionality in the checkout (newsletter, extra checkout fields and so on).

Klarna Payments, on the other hand, is displayed like a regular payment method in the standard checkout. You choose which payment methods you offer your customers. Choose between invoice, direct payment, credit/debit card or installment.

  • Klarna Payments offers all of Klarnas payment methods but as a regular payment method in WooCommerce standard checkout.
  • Next to the selection of the payment method a small Klarna widget will appear where the customer can read more about the payment method they choose.


In our documentation for Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce you will find answers on how to configure and get started with the plugin. There you will also find info how to adjust the plugin and how you can troubleshoot.

Contact Support

If you need help or have questions regarding Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce, please click the support button at the bottom left corner or read our documentation.

Sell with Klarna

To accept payments with Klarna in your WooCommerce store you need an agreement with Klarna.

Click the button below to get directed to Klarna so you can get started.

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Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce
A smoooth checkout experience.

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