DIBS is a gateway plugin which extends WooCommerce allowing you to take credit card payments, direct bank transfer and invoice payments via DIBS.

DIBS Payment Services is a leading Scandinavian online payment service provider. DIBS can take payment in the following currencies: Danish Krona, Euro, US Dollar, English Pound, Swedish Krona, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Icelandic Krona, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krona, Swiss Franc, Turkish Lire.

How does it works?

  • When an order is placed, the customer is taken to DIBS to make a secure payment.
  • After the customer completes their payment the order is confirmed and the user is taken to the thank you page on your site.
  • Because DIBS handle the payment process for you, no SSL certificate is required (but recommended) on your site.

Subscription payment support

The DIBS payment gateway now fully supports the Subscriptions extension so that you can leverage recurring payments for your WooCommerce store. The extension has support for subscription suspension, cancellation, reactivation, amount changes, date changes and payment method changes.

From version 1.5 of the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension both regular products and subscriptions can be purchased in the same transaction.

Information & Requirements

  • To get started with DIBS you will need an agreement with DIBS as well as a redemption agreement with your bank.
  • To accept recurring payments via WooCommerce Subscriptions you will need an extended agreement with DIBS and (usually) your bank about accepting subscription payments.
  • At the moment DIBS service Stored card can only be used for subscription payments in your WooCommerce store. For now the customer can’t save their credit card when completing an order and later come back and finish a new purchase without entering their credit card number. This is a planned feature for a future update though.