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Budbee for WooCommerce

Personalize the delivery experience

Budbee for WooCommerce is a plugin that makes it possible to send packages with Budbee, offering your clients a great delivery experience.

  • Budbee always delivers to your customers door at a time and date that suits them.

  • Customers can customize the experience by choosing how they want the goods to be delivered.

  • Budbee keeps you updated regarding your delivery. With the tracking link they provide you can follow your packages journey live.

  • If any questions pop up, open the link Budbee sent and their customer service is only a click away!


Enhance your shopping experience

Budbee is a unique logistics partner who delivers your goods to your clients homes at the time of their choosing. As a Budbee user you always have updated information about your deliveries and have the option to adjust the delivery all through the process.

Offering your clients a great delivery experience does not only give you loyal customers but also increases the order value and frequency of purchases.

With Budbee for WooCommerce you can:

  • Postal number validate your clients on the checkout page.
  • Create orders directly from WooCommerce.
  • Print shipping labels.
  • Update status directly in the order view.


Technical info
  • Fix – Ensure postcode is set before checking for availability. This should fix the issue where the customer's selected shipping option is seemingly unselected before the postcode is known.
  • Tweak – Added the 'budbee_selected_box' filter for retrieving the selected locker box (if available).
  • Tweak – Update sandbox URLs.
  • Feature – Added a setting to automatically book shipments depending on the order status of your choice.
  • Tweak – Added the 'budbee_shipment_booked' action hook. Used for hooking onto a successful shipment booked event.

Tested with:

Requires at least:



In our documentation for Budbee for WooCommerce you will find answers on how to configure and get started with the plugin. There you will also find info how to adjust the plugin and how you can troubleshoot.

Contact Support

If you need help or have questions regarding Budbee for WooCommerce, please click the support button below or read our documentation.

Create a Budbee account

To start sending with Budbee you need to have an agreement and book the pick up location for your goods. Fill in your details and Budbee will get back to you!

By filling in this form you supply us and Budbee with privacy data. If you are interested in learning more about how we handle privacy data, please read here. Read more about how Budbee handle this data here.

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Budbee for WooCommerce
Personalize the delivery experience.