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Billmate Checkout

Simple payments with no hassle

Billmate Checkout for WooCommerce is an embedded checkout that makes is easy for you to get paid through all the payment solutions from Billmate.

  • As a customer of Billmate, you get the entire finished product under one contract and all payments from one place!

  • Choose if you want to sell directly to both consumer and business or only B2C or B2B.

  • Simple integration.

  • Simple administration.

  • No lock-in period.

Bank transfers

One payment solution, many payment methods

Billmate Checkout is an embedded checkout solution and includes all popular payment methods, Debit & Credit card, Swish, Invoice, Installment and direct bank transfer.

Billmate Checkout provides a optimized and simplified checkout experience which boosts your store with increased convertion and top notch user experience.
The Checkout have a speedy and low-click checkout process that also remembers the user for the next time they make a purchase. Everything you need to start recieving payments in your WooCommerce store.

This new plugin has a flow that’s closer to the flow of WooCommerce standard checkout when it comes to how and when the order is created in the e-commerce platform. This makes Billmate Checkout more compatible with other plugins that also extends the functionality in the checkout. For instance it’s easier to to add extra fields like letting the customer sign up for a newsletter or choose delivery point.

Smart, simple & personal

As a customer of Billmate, you get the entire finished product under one contract and all payments from one place! 

Billmate has built-in tools that prevent fraud.

With Billmate you always have to possibility to sell B2B or B2C.

Possibility to add a function where the consumer identifies with easy-to-use BankID.

Order management

In addition to this we also developed Billmate Order Management for WooCommerce – a plugin for automatic order handling.

This functionality was earlier in the same plugin, but we chose to split them up for faster updates. This also let users who don’t have the need for order management in WooCommerce to minimize the number of sources of errors in the synchronization of order data.

Read more about Billmate Order Management here.


Technical info
  • Tweak – Fixes deprecated notices related to PHP8.1.
  • Fix – Fix issue if Shipping First and Last name is missing in address returned from Billmate (can happen for B2B purchases).
  • Fix – Improved control to see that the currency is synced between Billmate and WooCommerce through out the entire order.
  • Feature – Add setting for disabling automatic scroll to Billmate iframe in checkout on page load.
  • Tweak – Bumped required PHP version to 7.0.
  • Fix – Improved functionality for saving used payment method to WooCommerce order.

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In the documentation for Billmate Checkout you will find answers on how to configure and get started with the plugin. There you will also find info how to adjust the plugin and how you can troubleshoot.

Contact Support

If you need help or have questions regarding Billmate Checkout we refer to or to their documentation.

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Billmate Checkout for WooCommerce
Simple payments with no hassle.


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