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Avarda Checkout for WooCommerce

A payment service that blends in so you can stand out

Avarda Checkout for WooCommerce is a plugin that extends WooCommerce, allowing you to take payments via Avarda.

  • Offer your customers recurring payments together with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

  • One of the market’s most modern checkout solutions, optimized for highest conversion.

  • With Avarda Checkout integrated shipping you can shipping with Ingrid or nShift directly in the checkout.

Avarda offers customized payment methods depending on the segment and the checkout is integrated in accordance with the rest of the design.

With Avarda Checkout for WooCommerce you can accept payments in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Bank transfers
Avarda Checkout for WooCommerce

Simplicity for merchant

Avarda Checkout offers several different payment methods with one integration and one agreement. Responsive streamlined white labeled user dialogues which can be customized on demand ensures high conversion rate both for desktop and mobiles devices.

Simplicity for consumer

Fewer steps are required to complete your online purchase, address lookup and “remember me”-functionality gives recurring customers a “one click buy”-experience. Different delivery address is supported for all payment methods and the application prevents ID thefts.

Integrated shipping

With Avarda Checkout integrated shipping, you can easily offer more shipping choices for the customer directly at checkout.

You as a merchant quickly set up a dynamic shipping method that retrieves prices and delivery methods from Avarda Checkout and the integration with e.g. Ingrid or nShift. When Avarda Checkout is the selected payment method and integrated shipping is activated, other possible shipping methods configured for the region the customer is in will not be displayed in the checkout. Only the integrated shipping selector is then displayed.

When you set up and configure integrated shipping, you also create a fallback shipping method, with a name and price. This is used as a backup if a shipping method cannot be retrieved from a third party.

International purchases

Avarda Checkout is available in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Thanks to the possibility of adding international keys, you as a merchant can accept purchases in other currencies than, for example, Swedish kronor.

In other words, merchants can have the store set up for Sweden and Swedish kronor, but with international purchases activated, they can still receive orders in customers’ own currency outside of Sweden. Which currencies are included in the international keys is regulated in your agreement with Avarda.

Disable and enable order synchronization

By default, order synchronization is always enabled. It is however possible to turn off order synchronization between WooCommerce and Avarda via a setting in the Avarda metabox on an individual order.

When disabled, you can modify the WooCommerce order in any way (e.g., change order status, modify order lines) without effecting the corresponding Avarda order.


  • Invoice payments
  • Account/loan pay in your own pace
  • Part payments (3, 4, 6, 12, 24, 36, 48, 72 month)
  • Visa/Mastercard payments
  • Direct bank payments for Finland
  • Swish for Sweden
  • Recurring payments
    (together with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin)
  • ElectronicID validation
  • B2B invoice support
  • Brandable for merchant, logos, colors, fonts
    And much more…
Technical info
  • Fix – Fixes compatibility with Smart Coupons plugin when using Apply Before taxes on a coupon.
  • Feature – Adds support for international checkout using the international credentials setting fields. If a currency the customer is using does not have their own credentials in Avarda the international credentials will be used instead.
  • Feature – Adds filters for the credentials used in the requests. These are aco_credentials, aco_client_id and aco_client_secret.
  • Feature – Add support for integrated shipping methods in Avarda Checkout for nShift and Ingrid with Pickup point support.
  • Enhancement – Improved session handling with Avarda to reduce the amount of requests needed for each order.
  • Enhancement – Added log levels to different log messages to allow limiting of the messages logged.
  • Enhancement – Auth tokens created for the requests are now stored individually based on currency as transients to prevent new tokens being generated each time a new currency is used. Should reduce the amount of requests made on stores using multiple currencies with Avarda.
  • Enhancement – Adds a validation for the cart total against the Avarda session before WooCommerce creates an order. This should prevent on-hold orders from being created when a mismatch is detected.
  • Fix – Fixes an issue with token validation when loading the Javascript that caused us to not properly handle orders that had been completed, and had their session expired in Avarda.
  • Fix – Fixed PHP 8.2 deprecation warnings.
  • Tweak – Delete meta data fields _wc_avarda_jwt & _wc_avarda_expiredUtc in Woo order when deleting _wc_avarda_purchase_id (if Avarda session expires and a new one is created).

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In our documentation for Avarda Checkout for WooCommerce you will find answers on how to configure and get started with the plugin. There you will also find info how to adjust the plugin and how you can troubleshoot.

Contact Support

If you need help or have questions regarding Avarda Checkout for WooCommerce, please click the support button below or read our documentation.

Get started with Avarda

To accept payments with Avarda Checkout in your WooCommerce store, you need an agreement with Avarda. Fill and submit the form to get in touch with a person at Avarda.

By filling in this form you supply us and Avarda with privacy data. If you are interested in learning more about how we handle privacy data, please read here. Read more about how Avarda handle this data here.

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Avarda Checkout for WooCommerce
A payment service that blends in so you can stand out.