Wasa Kredit

A Krokedil partner

Wasa Kredit is a more personal finance company. They enjoy working close to their customers and partners. Creating secure opportunities for every customer and every business is their genuine interest.

Wasa Kredit is constantly trying to see opportunities with new solutions or new technology that can create customer value and promote their business goals. They believe that development happens when curiosity is combined with experience and courage to try. They do this best together with their users. Some of Wasa Kredit’s most innovative solutions have been developed together with partners. Therefore, one of their biggest driving forces is to balance quick and easy solutions with deep industry knowledge and long-term perspective.

Security is part of the business concept
That the banking and finance industry operates in a strongly regulated market are self-explanatory. Laws and regulations are part of a safe business and customer experience. All customers must have confidence in Wasa Kredit.

The success factors that built Wasa Kredit
For many years, they have worked according to the motto quick, easy, personal and place great value on customers and partners perceiving them as such. Their success factors are included in every employee’s everyday life, to develop a new collaboration agreement, help a customer or develop a new system.

Wasa Kredit offers companies financing through leasing and installments in e-commerce as well as through partners in vehicle trade, computer/office trade and machine trade, or directly to corporate customers.

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You have added value to your customers with advantageous online financing.

Our plugins for Wasa Kredit:

Wasa Kredit Checkout for WooCommerce

Wasa Kredit Checkout for WooCommerce

Wasa Kredit Checkout is an embedded checkout solution that includes the payment methods leasing and rent for B2B, with a fully automated process.

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