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Specter was founded in 2000 and in 2004 the first version of the web-based business system was launched. The co-owners’ expertise in technology and finance, together with their great enthusiasm for the possibilities of the Internet, quickly proved to be a powerful combination.

The business concept is to give companies tools to focus on their business and refine their administrative processes. This frees up time for development and expansion of the companies’ operations, which leads to stronger and more efficient companies with more satisfied customers and employees. Specter uses new technology to create unique, efficient and profitable solutions at the forefront of development. Solutions that simplify life for you and your company.

Krokedil has been a partner to Specter since 2013.

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With your online store linked to Specter, it will be easier to sell online. You can manage your e-commerce in the same system as your physical stores, field salesmen and other sales channels.

Our plugins for Specter:



Specter’s functions for orders, inventory management and accounting are linked to your webshop, which reduces the risk of doing the same amount of work twice…

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