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One agreement for all payment methods. B2C, B2B, or both - you decide.

Nexi | Nets

The leading payment provider in the Nordics.

The Nordics have led the way in the development of digital payments and related services and is the most digitised region in Europe. Nexi | Nets has played a key role in this development by shaping a new digital reality based on innovation, stability and security.

Handling billions of transactions annually, they are among the top payment processors in Europe and keep a tight focus on making it even easier and more intuitive for their customers to handle digital payments and related services.

It’s their ambition to turn a complex reality into easy, intuitive and customer-oriented solutions and ensure they remain a reliable hub of the payments industry building on unmatched connectivity.

We at Krokedil launched our first plugin for DIBS in the autumn of 2011 and have had a collaboration since then. When DIBS became part of Nets in 2014, only our plugin changed its name, but the collaboration continued unchanged.

Throughout this time, we have had, and still have, a close dialogue and ongoing contact to ensure the quality of our products and the customer experience.

Our plugins for Nexi | Nets:


Nexi Checkout

Nexi Checkout is an exceptionally quick checkout for consumers. Fast payments with full freedom to select payment method where eturning customers pay with one click. Easy.

Our plugins for Nets: