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Do you like standing in line? Then Instabox isn’t for you. With Instabox you don’t have to wait in line for even a second at the post office. You have better things to do anyway.

Instabox is a tech-enabled delivery service that offers same-day shipping to their ever-growing range of smart lockers. Consumers can easily pick up their parcels whenever it suits them. 7 days a week, without ever having to stand in line.

Instabox technology enables the possibility to present an ETA in the checkout e.g “This Instabox ~Today 16:10”

Instabox fast, flexible and bio-fueled deliveries increase both conversion and customer loyalty. Fully integrated with WooCommerce, so you can come onboard in a heartbeat.

Instabox started in 2015 more than half of the Swedish population can pick up their parcels in their smart lockers.

Instabox – Uncomplicated shipping.

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Uncomplicated shipping – uncomplicated handling

Our plugins for Instabox:


Instabox for WooCommerce

Instabox for WooCommerce shows Instabox as a Shipping option with delivery date and approximate time of delivery directly in the checkout and you can book…

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