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Briqpay focus on enhancing the user experience in B2B sales.

Briqpay is a fintech company founded in 2020 by Björn Widerström, Sara Johansson and Mats Andersson. They have a long experience from previously working in the industry for Bambora and Klarna.

Briqpay’s goal is for business customers to be able to shop in the same way as it looks in consumer retail (B2C), while Briqpay provides great flexibility for their customers to adapt the customer journey to their needs. 

Briqpay wants to make it easy for companies to create long-term relationships with their customers, both before and after the transaction. Whether companies sell to the public sector, small companies or larger companies, Briqpay’s products are developed to offer an optimized customer journey.

Briqpay’s products make it easy to take B2B sales to a whole new level on thebusinesses own terms and all products are adapted for global sales.

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With Briqpay, you are always in control of risk exposure.

Our plugins for Briqpay:


Briqpay for WooCommerce

Briqpay for WooCommerce is an embedded checkout for B2B sales where you as a merchant can offer the payment method you prefer, locally or globally,…

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