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Billmate offers you everything you need to get paid online. Of course, their payment solutions are safe and secure for your customers and they offer payment methods such as invoice, Swish, card payment, direct payment via bank and partial payment. They know that each web shop is unique and therefore have flexible payment solutions to suit your e-commerce and your customers.

Billmate was born in 2012, to meet the Nordic market’s demand for flexible, secure and comprehensive payment solutions. Their vision is to offer flexible and customer-friendly payment solutions for all types of trading.

They also strive to have the industry’s best customer service, which means a great commitment as well as constant proactivity and availability on their part. No customer is too small or too big for them and their basic attitude is to offer the right solution for each customer’s needs.

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Choose an embedded checkout and add order management if you have the need for it.

Our plugins for Billmate:


Billmate Checkout

An embedded checkout with a flow closer to to the WooCommerce standard checkout when it comes to how and when an order is created, which…

Billmate Order Management

Boost your Billmate Checkout with Billmate Order Management and save time by handling your orders directly in WooCommerce.

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