New version of Walley Checkout

New version of Walley for WooCommerce

After a lot of coding, contemplation, and a very successful collaboration between Krokedil and Collector Bank, we are thrilled to introduce version 4.0 of Walley Checkout for WooCommerce. This new version is a complete rewrite of the plugin’s logic. The checkout flow has been re-worked to function more closely with WooCommerce’s standard checkout process, in terms of when and how orders are created within the e-commerce platform.

This modification enhances the compatibility of Walley Checkout with other plugins that expand checkout functionality. It’s now easier to add additional form fields, such as allowing customers to subscribe to a newsletter, enter a VAT registration number, or select a delivery point for shipping.

A new frontend event from Walley ensures that orders are created in WooCommerce when customers click the “Purchase” button in Walley Checkout. These orders initially have a status of Pending Payment in WooCommerce. When the purchase is subsequently completed by the customer through Walley, the order status is updated to the paid status (usually Processing) in WooCommerce.

This new workflow means that orders may appear as Pending Payment in WooCommerce even when the transaction hasn’t been finalized in Walley, for instance, if a payment card lacks sufficient funds. This is part of the standard WooCommerce flow and does not necessarily indicate an error.

More new functions in Walley Checkout for WooCommerce

During the spring, we also added several new functions to the plugin:

Support for Custom Fields

Via a filter, you can now display your own form fields in Walley Checkout. Text fields and checkboxes can now be used to let customers add extra info related to the purchase. The information that the customer fills in is then automatically saved as metadata for the order in WooCommerce.

Custom Fields in Walley Checkout for WooCommerce

Support for order update

Update order to WalleyIf the customer made a purchase and then wants to change an item in the order before you deliver it, you can now use the Update order to Walley function directly from WooCommerce, without having to make the change manually in Walley’s Merchant Hub. This works with a simple push of a button (some restrictions exist regarding payment methods and increasing the order value).

Activate and Cancel Walley order manually

Activate and Cancel Walley order in WooCommerceUsually, you activate and cancel an order in Walley by changing the status of the order in WooCommerce. Now we have also added the possibility to trigger this manually through the functions Activate Walley order and Cancel Walley order, in the Order actions metabox found in WooCommerce.

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