More sales in WooCommerce with Post Purchase Upsell 3.0

More sales in WooCommerce with Post Purchase Upsell 3.0

Direct upselling and more sales in WooCommerce within a couple of minutes. Get an increased order value and higher revenue in your ecommerce store with Post Purchase Upsell for WooCommerce. Offer your customers to add selected products to their order with a couple of clicks, after a completed purchase.

After a period of development, evaluation and improvement, we are now pleased to present Post Purchase Upsell 3.0!

Post Purchase Upsell is from version 3.0 block based, where you build your offers with the help of blocks.  The blocks that are available today are Product offer, Linked Products offer and Urgency timer.

Product offer:
Select what product(s) to offer for this upsell. With this option the customer will always be presented with the selected product(s) as upsell offers on the Thank you page.

Linked Products offer:
Present your customers with offers based on which products you have linked together. If an order include one or more products you have linked together, the linked products will be displayed as offers on the Thank you page.

Urgency timer:
Adds a urgency timer to the offer, letting your customer know how much time they have to add additional products to their order.

Offers with discounts

You can choose to put discounts on your offers. Either a fixed amount, or a percentage of the regular price. Of course, you can also have offers without discounts. You can also create different Upsell conditions depending on which products an order contains. In this way, you increase the chances of additional sales in your WooCommerce store.

Post Purchase Upsells in WooCommerce with a discount

Decide when an Upsell should be presented

Set the rules on top level for when you want your Upsells to be displayed.

This Upsell offer will always be displayed. As long as the order contains at least one product that triggers it.

With this setting you decide what product(s) the order must contain for this Upsell rule to be applied.

An example:

You have Linked Products offer set up, where you offer Upsells when an order includes products A, B or C.

With the Always setting it is enough that an order includes at least one of these products for the Upsell offers to be displayed.

However, if you apply the Product setting and state that product C must must be included in the order, no Upsell offers will displayed if the order only includes A or B, even though they are linked.

Always offer Post Purchase Upsells in WooCommerceMore sales in WooCommerce based on products

Create additional Upsells

You can add one, or more, Upsells where you can set up different rules for how and when an offer should be displayed after a purchase. You can then decide in which order these should be prioritized.

This can be used if you want to have different Upsells based on what your customer buys. This is also useful as a fallback if products are out of stock.

A product that is included in the original order is not offered as an Upsell, even if it qualifies according to the set rules.

An example:

You have set up an Upsell with the Product offer block where you always offer product B and C after a completed purchase. No matter what products the initial order included.

But you might want to offer a discount on these products (B and C) if the customer also bought product A?

Then you set up a new Upsell, with the Linked Products offer block configured for a discount on products B and C. You then give this Upsell priority 1. Your first created Upsell, with the Product offer block, you give priority 2.

This way you have set it so that any customer who bought product A will be offered to add B and C at a discounted price. While anyone who didn’t buy product A still will be offered B and C, but at the regular price.

Style your offers

Use the block editor to adjust the layout and style of the design of your offers to make them fit with the rest of your webshop and company profile. You can also change order and add blocks, to further raise and draw attention to your offers.


More sales in WooCommerce with Klarna Checkout and Qliro One

Post Purchase Upsell for WooCommerce work with Klarna Checkout för WooCommerce and Qliro One for WooCommerce at the moment. It also supports the WooCommerce standard payment methods Direct bank transfer, Check payments and Cash on delivery.

We will add support for additional payment service providers. There will also be an option to instead create a new order with the offered products. This will be a fallback for when the payment provider doesn’t support updates on orders.


Try it free for 30 days

Try Post Purchase Upsell free for 30 days! After that is cost €25/month (excl. VAT).

You enter your card details at checkout, but the first charge is not made until 30 days after the purchase.

If you do not want to continue after this trial period, you simply log in to your account and cancel future payments before the period ends. No funds will then be drawn from the card.


Start your free 30 day trial period


You can also read more about the Post Purchase Upsell plugin or take a look at the documentationen.

Complete Changelog for version 3.0

  • Feature – Added the ability to configure multiple different upsell offers that can be shown to the customer using different rules and priorities using a logic engine.
  • Feature – Enabled the configuration of upsell offers using the block editor to be able to customize the layout and design of the upsell offers to better suit your site.
  • Feature – Added support for offering products at a discounted price, either percentage or fixed.
  • Feature – Added a custom linked product type specific for Post Purchase Upsell, allowing you to use Cross-Sells and Upsells for other purposes while still using linked types for your product offers.
  • Feature – Added a Always rule to that will always pass and show the upsell offer, as long as the offer has viable products to display to the customer.
  • Feature – Added a Product rule that will only show an upsell offer as long as one or more of the products selected in the rule is in the order when the customer is viewing the thankyou page.
  • Feature – Added a Linked offer type that will show any linked products to the products in the order when the customer is viewing the thankyou page.
  • Feature – Added a Product offer that will show only the specific products that you want as the offer when the customer is viewing the thankyou page.
  • Enhancement – Added an automatic conversion of the old settings to a new format when upgrading from an older version of the plugin to version 3.0.0 or newer.

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