WordPress is the most widely used tools for publishing content on the web. About 23% of all websites are powered by WordPress.

The CMS is based on open source and licensed under the GPL. You can download it at no cost. The design can be changed by various so-called themes, and you can add functionality through plugins.

Without having any special programming knowledge, you can easily change text and image content on your website.



WooCommerce is a robust e-handelssytem that allows your business to grow. Technically it is a plugin for WordPress that can be downloaded for free via wordpress.org.

The system is in active development by the company WooThemes, whose business is based on selling various extensions that extend the functionality of the system. Today there are more than 300 extensions available on woothemes.com and at least as many can be purchased from other WooCommerce-focused companies.

You are responsible for your website

When you run a website with WordPress CMS, you are responsible for operation and maintenance. It is common that new versions of WordPress and installed plugins are available for download. To reduce the risks of attacks and viruses, it is good to take the habit of keeping your website updated with the latest versions.

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