Krokedil Shipping Connector 3.0 is here!

Krokedil Shipping Connector 3.0

The Krokedil Shipping Connector plugin has gotten a big update with lots of improvements. Tweaks and enhancements of already existing features as well as new additions.

Even if we look past the fixes and many tweaks, we’re still left with more than a handful of added features.

Return shipments

New features in this update include support for return shipment. This can either be set up to be done automatically in the create shipment request, or handled manually via a “Create return shipment” button.

Improved customs handling

You can set up the plugin to create customs documents in the create shipment request.
You also have the option to add additional fields in the Edit product view that will be used when creating customs documents. Such as tariff code, tariff description, Y code and manufacturing country. This way you have your products prepared for the customs documents.

Printing of shipping labels, packing slips and customs documents

Added support for automatic printing of shipment labels, return labels and customs documents via PrintNode (

Support for automatic printing of packing slips and invoice if WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips (from WP Overnight) is installed has been added.

The plugin is also compatible with Partial Delivery for WooCommerce as support for creating shipments on partial delivery orders has been added.

More control

With new settings and logic for including the nShift Checkout widget via hooks in the WooCommerce checkout page there is no longer need for a shortcode. This opens up for more display options.

Price, weight, free shipping coupon & product shipping classes are added as query params in nShift Checkout requests. This allows you to use these values as part of the logic when configuring Delivery Checkouts in

With this update you can create shipments without a prepared shipment ID. It also allows you to create shipments on the order status Processing, as well as Completed.

Additional shipment improvements

Logic for sending customer order notes when a shipment is created has been added.

You are also able to book multiple parcels in one booking, if your carrier allows this.

Read more and purchase Krokedil Shipping Connector here.

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