Krokedil have launched two totally new Klarna plugins. Klarna Checkout and Klarna Payments for WooCommerce. These plugins will over time replace the Klarna for WooCommerce plugin.


The existing plugin was launched in the end of 2011. In the beginning only invoice and installment was offered as available payment methods. During spring 2013 Klarna Checkout was introduced. In December 2015 we did a huge rewrite of the plugin and at the same time we also introduced support for order management, a cart widget and purchases via Klarnas new platform V3 (for US and UK).

The fact that Klarna during the spring 2018 will start adding new customers on the new V3 platform, that you no longer kan use Klarna invoice and Klarna installment (KPM) and that our Klarna plugin is more than six years old, we chose to make two totally new plugins. Klarna Checkout för WooCommerce and Klarna Payments för WooCommerce.

Klarna Checkout and Klarna Payments?

Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce

Klarna Checkout is a complete checkout experience from Klarna. It’s an iframe based checkout that to a large extent replaces WooCommerce own checkout. The customer identifies with personal number and ZIP and then decides how they want to pay, either with credit- or debit card, invoice, direct payment or installment. The big news with the new plugin is that it supports Klarnas global checkout feature, this mean that your checkout is available for customers from more than 160 countries around the world.

Klarna Payments för WooCommerce

Klarna Payments, on the other hand, is displayed like a regular payment method in the standard checkout. You choose which payment methods you offer your customers. Choose between invoice, direct payment, credit/debit card or installment.

Differences compared to the current plugin

Klarna Checkout

  • The new KCO plugin has support for Klarnas global checkout. This means that customers from over 160 countries can use the checkout (fallback to card payments).
  • The new plugin doesn’t require a separate checkout page and no unique shortcode. Instead it follows the WooCommerce standard checkout flow as much as possible.
  • Better compatibility with other plugins that extends the functionality in the checkout (newsletter, extra checkout fields and so on). We can’t guarantee 100% support, but much better than with the old one.

Klarna Payments

  • Klarna Payments offers all of Klarnas payment methods but as a regular payment method in WooCommerce standard checkout.
  • The older system (KPM) that offered Klarna invoice and installment is now replaced with Klarna Payments.
  • Next to the selection of the payment method a small Klarna widget will appear where the customer can read more about the payment method they choose.

Is there any limitations with the new KCO-plugin?

  • The new platform doesn’t support subscription payments yet.
  • If you use Specter as an ERP system it is good to know that their Klarna connection doesn’t support V3 yet.

How to get started?

Klarna Checkout


Klarna Payments

OBS! Eid and secret to your current webshop doesn’t work with the new plugins. You need a seperate account for V3- platform. .