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No passwords, no login, no hassle. Increase conversions in your checkout and offer all popular payment methods in one single integration.

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With Klarna for WooCommerce, you can easily connect your online store to Klarnas popular payment system. The extension gives you access to Klarnas three payment methods — Checkout, Invoice and Part Payment.

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  • Download the extension from woothemes.com.
  • You are responsible for installation & configuration.
  • Support via woothemes.com.

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3 900 SEK exkl vat

We help you get started

  • We instal & configure the extension for you.
  • We contact Klarna and get your store approved before going live.
  • We become your integration partner at Klarna.
  • E-mail support directly via us at Krokedil.

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9 900 SEK exkl vat

We’re here to help

  • We instal & configure the extension for you.
  • We contact Klarna and get your store approved before going live.
  • We become your integration partner at Klarna.
  • Phone and e-mail support directly via us at Krokedil.
  • Up to 4 hours of follow up help and support that can be used within 12 months.

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In version 2.0 we’re introducing an improved checkout experience and an automated order flow directly from WooCommerce.


  An improved checkout

An improved checkout page for Klarna Checkout where you can view and update the contents of the shopping cart, available shipping options and discount coupons.

  Effective order management

Ability to activate, update, refund and cancel orders in Klarna’s systems directly from WooCommerce.

  Recurring billing

Support for subscription payments in Sweden and Norway (via Klarna Checkout and WooCommerce Subscriptions).

Which payment method suits your customers the best?

Klarna Checkout

You get all the popular payment methods in one integrated solution. Klarna Checkout replaces the standard WooCommerce checkout and creates a flow where the customer can shop by simply entering their email address and zip code. Simplicity that significantly improves your average order value as well as conversion, both in the short- and long term.

Klarna Checkout also supports recurring payments in Sweden and Norway via WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Available in SE, NO, FI, DE, AT, UK and USA.


With invoice payments customers can avoid lengthy registrations and annoying card numbers when they make a purchase. Customers receive their goods before they pay for them. Klarna assumes the entire credit and fraud risk. It is the preferred payment method for people shopping online.

Available in SE, NO, FI, DK, DE, AT & NL.

Part payment

With Klarna’s flexible part payment product, your customers shop and pay when they want. Purchases from different e-stores are collected on a single monthly invoice. Customers have a range of part payment options, or can pay the balance at once. Just as with all of Klarna’s payment options, Klarna assumes the entire risk, so you always get paid.

Available in SE, NO, FI, DK, DE, AT & NL.

FAQ about selling with Klarna

Can I sell to multiple countries?

Yes, you can sell to multiple countries. You do, however, need an agreement for each country you sell to and your store needs to be able to manage the purchase in the local currency. This means that if you, for example, are a Swedish merchant who want to sell to customers in Sweden and Norway, you need to have an agreement with Klarna for Sweden and Norway and your store should be able to handle purchases in both SEK and NOK.

Do I need a merchant account with my bank when selling with Klarna?

No, you do not need a separate merchant account with your bank. You only need one agreement with Klarna to get started. Klarna then transfer the money to your account on a weekly basis.

Can Klarna Checkout be displayed as a regular payment option in the checkout page?

Klarna Checkout replaces WooCommerce’s regular checkout. In some e-commerce platforms you have a checkout flow where you can have Klarna Checkout along with other payment options on the same page. In WooCommerce the payment method is selected at the end of the checkout process, which has resulted in a completely separate checkout page for Klarna Checkout.