Internetworld writes about WooCommerce and Krokedil

This is something we just need to publish. Here at Krokedil we’re really proud over the fact that we’ve been both mentioned and interviewed when the Swedish IDG publication Internetworld recently wrote about how WooCommerce are conquering the world.

Among other things, they write:

The Swedish web agency Krokedil from Arvika have developed several extensions, right from the launch of WooCommerce in September 2011, that makes it possible to use Scandinavian payment solutions as DIBS, Klarna, SveaWebPay and Payson.

The article is in Swedish but you can read it in its full content here →

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Partial Delivery for WooCommerce

Partial Delivery for WooCommerce enables merchants to ship parts of an order. Via a logical interface you are able to send one or several items in each delivery.

Post Purchase Upsell for WooCommerce

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Krokedil Shipping Connector

Book deliveries with nShift directly from WooCommerce with Krokedil Shipping Connector when you let your customers choose how and where the delivery is made with nShift Checkout or Klarna Shipping Assistant.