Increase sales in your WooCommerce store

Increase sales in WooCommerce with Post Purchase Upsell

Do you want to increase sales in your WooCommerce store? With Post Purchase Upsell, the customer can add additional products to their order after they have completed a purchase. Your customers easily choose which products they want to add and update their order with one click.

Presenting additional products that may suit your customers is a great way to maintain the customer’s interest in your store and what you have to offer. It gives them reason to return. But if you give the customer the opportunity to directly update their already placed order with one or more products, you will already earn more today.

Post Purchase Upsell for WooCommerce makes it easy for the customer to buy more.

After a purchase in your store, the customer is redirected to the thank you page. Just as usual. The difference is that if you have Post Purchase Upsell installed, they will now have a variety of products presented to them. The customer can easily choose to add one or more of these products to their newly placed order. They can select and deselect as they wish and then confirm their purchase with one click.

If the customer has chosen invoice as payment, this is now updated with the provider of the payment service. When paying by card, a new deduction is made from the sum of the added products.

Klarna Checkout and Qliro One.

Post Purchase Upsell for WooCommerce works together with Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce and Qliro One for WooCommerce at the moment. Additional payment service providers will be added.

Please note that not all payment service providers allow this type of Upsell functionality for all payment methods, for example card payments.

Are you ready to increase sales in your WooCommerce store?

You can read more about how it works and how to buy Post Purchase Upsell here.