Ecster Pay is the e-commerce checkout that aims higher than the individual purchase. The checkout is built to serve more returning customers and higher average order values. Freedom of choice and full control throughout the purchase are part of the secret.

Ecster Pay 2.0 – new features

In the updated version you get:

  • The popular Swedish payment method Swish as a payment option.
  • Payments in all currencies in the world.
  • Ecster Pay adapts between B2C and B2B-customers.
  • Activate, cancel and refund orders in Ecsters system directly from WooCommerce.

Ecster Pay

With Ecster Pay you get all the popular payment methods collected in one agreement. The solution gives you:
  • Better shopping experience
  • Pre-filled information via Bank-ID
  • Fast payouts
  • No binding time
  • A low transaction fee

Already using Ecster? Time to switch to Ecster Pay 2.0

Here’s how to make the switch to Ecster Pay 2.0 quickly and easily.

1. Contact Ecster

Get in touch with Ecster and ask them to activate Ecster Pay 2.0 in your account.

2. Switch plugin

Download and install the new plugin for Ecster Pay 2.0. Then you deactivate the old plugin and activate the new one.

3. Save your settings

Navigate to the plugin settings, enter your new API-key and Merchant-ID and save the settings. Done!

We recommend that you perform the update in a test environment first. If you have any questions, please contact us at


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