Ecster Pay for WooCommerce

Ecster Pay is the e-commerce payment that aims higher than the individual purchase. The checkout is built to provide more recurring customers and higher average purchases. Freedom of choice and full control throughout the purchase are part of the secret.

Ecster Pay 2.0 – new features

In the updated version you get: 

  • The popular Swish as a payment option
  • Payments in all currencies in the world
  • Ecster Pay adapts between B2C and B2B-customers
  • Activate, cancel and pay back orders in Ecsters system directly from WooCommerce

Ecster Pay 

With Ecster Pay you get all the popular payment methods collected in one agreement. The solution gives you:

  • Better shopping experience
  • Pre-filled information via Bank-ID
  • Fast payouts
  • No binding time
  • A low transaction fee

Popular payment method

In Ecster Pay all the most popular payment methods are included. All steps, prices and terms are displayed clearly.

Blends in an adapts

Ecster Pay stands out equally good in all screen sizes and is designed to blend in with your webshop.

Full support for BankID

Secure identification with BankID gives the customer an easy and trouble free shopping experience.