Collector Checkout for WooCommerce is a plugin that extends WooCommerce, allowing you to take payments via Collector Banks payment method Collector Checkout.

A checkout that your customers value

Collector Checkout is developed with a focus on the customer experience. All the important payment methods are combined in one solution, and your customers can choose between direct bank and card payment, invoice or part payment. Benefits for you as a merchant:
  • Payout the following day.
  • No fixed fees.
  • Possibility to charge an invoice fee.
  • Automatic updates and continuous optimization.
  • Multiple payment methods – one settlement flow.

Keep the customer on your site

The customer stays on your side throughout the checkout process, even with card and direct bank payment.

Get started quick and easy

With Collector's Checkout Integration Platform you get started quickly and easily.

Get to know your customers

Get valuable customer insights with the Collector Insights tool.
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Technical information

Plugin version – 1.5.3
 Requires WordPress version – 4.7
 Requires WooCommerce version – 3.7

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